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Greenleaf is a German company specializing in innovative urban landscaping technology, including soil cell systems and root bridges for urban trees, as well as urban furniture.


Increase brand awareness, retain existing customers and start digital ad campaigns to expand reach mainly in Germany.

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increase in YOY leads (2022-23)


Building brand awareness and authority with content

Greenleaf came to us  in May 2022 looking for help to develop and maintain a brand awareness campaign and digital advertising strategy for which they lacked necessary resources in-house.

We were able to quickly tap into their USPs and vast expertise, using what we learned to create a content-led strategy for web, digital and social.

We supported them to target customers with the right messaging, resulting in significant increase in inbound leads which in turn led to sales growth.

We significantly ramped up their presence on social with increased post frequency, which led to robust audience growth and a huge leap in engagement that’s driving brand awareness and positioning Greenleaf as a voice of authority in this niche market space.

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The Magic Numbers

Targeted campaigns around Lead Gen and Brand Awareness have helped Greenleaf to grow sales.

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Who worked on this project?

Meet the people who made all the difference for Greenleaf. This small but mighty team was custom-built for the client and plugged straight into their ecosystem, bridging gaps in their marketing capability and setting them on a bold new trajectory for growth.

The Client’s Perspective

"Our expectations were actually exceeded, because although we realised that we needed to do more digital marketing and social media, we didn't realise what it would bring us. And then we were pleasantly surprised that we were able to increase our reach in a short space of time and we were able to increase customer loyalty. And also how we received leads as a result."

Christopher Korsch

Head of Marketing